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The production of Amalfi paper dates back to the 13th century!.

Although some historians believe that paper mills arose a long time before.


Stampa Antica di Amalfi

At the time of the flourishing republic, the Amalfi people learned the knowledge of paper processing methods, during the intense commercial relations, from the Arab world.

This allowed Amalfi to be the first European place to produce and export this product. Still unique in the world today!


Stampa antica cartiera ad Amalfi

Amalfi paper was handmade in 100% cotton in the “Valle dei Mulini”.

Sixteen paper mills were located in this enchanting and strategic position at the end of the 18th century. Immersed in the yellow and the scent of lemons, in the background noise of waterfalls, an ethereal atmosphere that was also an attraction for artists, poets and guests of all ages.


Antica cartiera Amalfitana, siamo nel cuore della storia della carta di Amalfi

The paper mills were located along the “Canneto” river, from which they drew the hydraulic energy to move the ancient machinery that reduced the linen and cotton rags to pulp.

This mixture, rich in water, was contained in large tanks. When the pasta began to become compact, the “loom” was dipped; consisting of a dense network of brass wires, in order to create the sheet with the desired thickness and on which the sign remained as a signature:


Filigrana di Amalfi che fa parte della storia della carta di Amalfi

The Amalfi paper was very valuable and sought after. In fact it became the product used for the secret ecclesiastical, civil and private archives; also of many Italian cities!

The watermarks from those times to today, guarantee the authenticity of the sheets.

They depict the coat of arms of the city and the names of ancient Amalfi noble families for the announcement of their wedding or their celebrations.

In addition, a small production of paper with watermarks of the Vatican State is made, for the correspondence of the Pope in Rome!.


Partecipazione di nozze in carta di Amalfi

Today the Amalfi paper is chosen to make invitations for special events such as baptism, first communion, wedding invitations and to make hand-sewn books.

In fact it is also perfect to be used for different artistic techniques such as watercolor and drawing !.

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