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In the heart of the splendid Amalfi, where the past melds with the present in an embrace beyond time, the story of TABULA unfolds. More than a brand, TABULA is a tribute to passion, art, and the legacy that has shaped us.

The saga of TABULA begins in the distant year of 1973, when our affectionate grandfather rediscovered the forgotten art of bookbinding with the exquisite Amalfi paper. In an era of rapid changes, our grandfather made a bold choice: to return to the roots, to the origins of an art that awakened an ancestral connection within him. A bond between the skilled hands of his forebears and the ancient practice of binding notebooks with Amalfi paper, an art dating back to the days when Amalfi flourished as a maritime republic.

Our grandfather’s light became our guide, but after his departure, we found ourselves facing insurmountable obstacles. In a city where the rush of consumerism had overshadowed the value of craftsmanship, and the significance of gastronomy was unquestionable, we pondered the path to take. Would it make sense to carry forward our grandfather’s legacy, preserving tradition and his passion?


Artist's impression of Lauro from the TABULA shop

The answer resided within our hearts. We chose to establish TABULA as a tangible homage to our grandfather’s memory and his enduring passion. The name “TABULA” isn’t arbitrary; it evokes the very roots of writing, from which humanity drew its first evidence of existence. Yet, there’s more. TABULA also represents the “Tavole Amalfitane,” the first maritime code adopted across the Mediterranean, written on Amalfi paper. Thus, our brand intertwines with Amalfi’s history and the passion that propels us forward.

Each hand-bound notebook, every sheet of Amalfi paper we create, becomes a tribute to the connection between past and present. As the modern world spins in a frenzy, TABULA becomes a haven of calm and authenticity. Our creations transcend mere functionality; they are the guardians of a legacy, the ambassadors of an era when art was nurtured with love and dedication.

TABULA is our invitation to journey through time, to discover the wonders of the past and to connect with the essence of craftsmanship. Here, in this oasis of authenticity in Amalfi, history lives on, and craftsmanship is eternal. Welcome to TABULA, where passion merges with art, and the link to the past is celebrated in every meticulously bound page.

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And as we traverse the fabric of time, we present an assortment of exclusive handcrafted artworks. These include:

A refined selection of stationery items, including personalized letter paper and business cards,

Fine drawing paper and specialized watercolor paper,

Exquisite pieces for the art of handwritten communication, including seals, inks, and high-quality sealing wax,

Albums, notebooks, and ledgers adorned with handcrafted leather covers featuring marbled decorations and artisanal bindings,

Faithful reproductions of ancient prints, watercolors, and modern oil paintings,

Extraordinary watercolor masterpieces, skillfully hand-painted by artists,

Hand-painted oil on canvas, authentic marvels that stand as witnesses to timeless art.

Each piece carries an inheritance, a whisper from the past interwoven with the present, a testament to our commitment to art, heritage, and timeless craftsmanship.


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Photo of the TABULA shop in Amalfi

“Here we are in the corner of one of the two main entrances to Amalfi’s Cathedral Square.”

“Between the rose gardens and the sea.”


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