Amalfi coast anchovies

Amalfi Coast Anchovy Ceramic Creations – Available in Two Sizes and Multiple Functional Styles

Elevate your décor with our meticulously crafted ceramic anchovies, a tribute to the iconic fish of the Amalfi Coast. Available in two sizes—small at 12 cm and large at 15 cm—these pieces are versatile and captivating. Choose between functional styles: magnetic for a touch of marine elegance on your refrigerator, hanging for graceful placement, or wall-mountable with cement for a truly immersive experience. Bring the essence of the Amalfi Coast into your space with these exquisite, handcrafted pieces.


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Title: Bring the Enchantment of Amalfi Coast Anchovies with Fusco Ceramic Creations

Description: Embark on a journey through the authentic marine beauty of the Amalfi Coast with our exclusive handmade ceramic anchovies crafted by the skilled artisans at Fusco. These masterpieces capture the vitality of the region’s typical fish, offering you a chance to bring a piece of the coastline into your home.

Incredible Details: Each anchovy is meticulously hand-sculpted by skilled craftsmen. The attention to detail makes every ceramic fish a unique work of art, reflecting the true essence of the anchovies that inhabit the waters of the Amalfi Coast.

Versatile Sizes: Choose between two sizes: the small 12 cm anchovy and the large 15 cm anchovy. These sizes allow you to customize your choice to fit your style and desired setting.

Functional Versatility: The ceramic anchovies are available in three functional options. Choose from a magnet to add a touch of the sea to your refrigerator, a hook to elegantly hang them wherever you desire, or the option to mount them in the wall with cement, allowing you to incorporate marine art directly into your space.

Lasting Memory: Beyond being decorative pieces, these ceramic anchovies serve as tangible reminders of your adventures along the Amalfi Coast. Recall memories of breathtaking views and seaside experiences, adding a touch of maritime charm to your everyday life.

Shop Now: Explore Fusco’s marine artistry and bring the magic of Amalfi Coast anchovies into your home. Choose the size and style that fits your space and enjoy the authentic reflection of Italian marine life. Shop now and immerse yourself in ceramic art that captures the soul of the sea.



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