Burgundy real leather journal with Amalfi Paper

Completely handmade with the hand binding technique that has been handed down to us.


Each real leather journal with Amalfi paper is unique. You will never find the exact same copy. Because we cut the leather by hand. Then the leather details make this book even more unique.


Inside this book are 60 pages.


The watermark with the writing Amatruda and Amalfi is present! Sheets are hand cut and watermark cannot be found on all sheets.


The paper is perfect not only for writing but also for painting! You can paint on both sides of the same sheet.

The Amalfi paper that is used is 100% cotton.


This model is available in different sizes and also with the possibility of customization which will be defined via whatsapp! We can customize with a single initial in cursive English, Gothic, with two initials or with a symbol! We use our sealing wax in 100% natural resins and you can choose from 40 different colors! IMPORTANT: If you choose to personalize your notebook, contact us as soon as possible on whatsapp to avoid delays in shipping.


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Our burgundy real leather journal with Amalfi Paper is much more than a simple writing tool; it’s a tribute to the artisanal tradition handed down with love by our grandparents. At the heart of this journal, beats the passion for handbinding books, a precious art that we cherish dearly and which has inspired us in creating this extraordinary product.

The leather used is of the highest quality, carefully selected to ensure unparalleled aesthetics and long-lasting durability. Each piece of leather is skillfully crafted by experienced artisans who understand the importance of preserving the natural beauty of the material. The result is a journal with a soft and embracing texture that captivates at first glance, becoming a precious companion for your most intimate thoughts and reflections.

The choice of Amalfi paper lends an authentic and refined touch to this journal. Produced using an ancient technique passed down through the centuries, the paper features a velvety surface and delicate texture that make each page a pleasure to touch with your fingertips. Writing on this paper is an unparalleled experience, a return to the origins of writing, when every word was penned with utmost care and attention.

Every detail of this journal has been crafted with dedication and respect for artisanal traditions, just as our grandfather used to do. Every stitch, every edge, and every corner has been meticulously cared for, for we know that the beauty of an artisanal product lies in the subtle nuances that make each piece unique and irreplaceable.

With our burgundy real leather journal with Amalfi Paper, we want to take you on a journey through time, when books were cherished and written with passion. We are proud to carry on this tradition and offer you a high-quality product that embodies the very essence of our family heritage. Write your stories, dreams, and emotions on these pages, and let our journal become a witness to precious moments that will last forever.


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