Heart on the Amalfi paper

Hand-Painted Amalfi Paper Greeting Card with Handcrafted Heart: A Unique Expression of Affection

Deliver emotions with our exclusive hand-painted greeting card featuring a heart. Each card is a one-of-a-kind artwork, created on 100% cotton Amalfi paper. The hand-painted heart adds a personal and profound touch to every message. Accompanied by a 12x18cm Amalfi paper envelope, the card becomes an authentic and memorable gift to convey affection in a special way.


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Title: Exclusive Hand-Painted Amalfi Paper Greeting Card with Handcrafted Heart: A Unique Message of Affection

Description: Express your feelings in an extraordinary way with our exclusive greeting card, where I have hand-painted a heart on Amalfi paper. Every detail of this creation is unique and crafted with passion on a double 12x18cm card made from exquisite Amalfi paper. The light reveals the “Amatruda” watermark on the paper, underscoring its authenticity.

Artisanal Elegance: Each brushstroke captures the artist’s soul, creating a work of art on 100% cotton paper. The “Amalfi” watermark gracefully emerges in backlight, testifying to the premium origin of the paper used.

A Heart Full of Meaning: The hand-painted heart makes this card a message of deep affection. With irregular edges and cotton paper, it exudes authenticity and warmth.

Completely Accompanied: Each card comes with a 12x18cm envelope featuring the same “Amalfi” watermark, offering a harmonious match and an elegant presentation.

A Memorable Gift: This card is not just a message but a precious gift. Offer a unique work of art, handcrafted on Amalfi paper, that will touch the recipient’s heart.

Celebrate with Authenticity: Choose our hand-painted Amalfi paper greeting card with a heart to express affection authentically. Every brushstroke conveys love and care, creating an unforgettable message. Opt for artisanal elegance to celebrate special moments with a touch of authenticity and distinctive style.



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