Amalfi paper notepads

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Amalfi paper notepads made by hand in 100% cotton also in order to contribute to the reduction of global deforestation.


Each notebook contains 30 sheets and are available in the following sizes:

10 × 7 cm
13 × 8 cm
11 × 15 cm
15 × 21 cm
21 × 30 cm

The sheets of these Amalfi paper notepads are held together by the glue placed on one side of the block only and on the remaining three sides they have the typical uncut edges or more commonly called with natural fraying.


Amalfi paper is precious and refined. In a word it is inimitable!.


Finally, they are used for writing but thanks to the softness of the paper and the absorbency, they are also used for drawing or for watercolors.



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