Book with Amalfi paper

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Books with Amalfi paper only in 100% cotton.

They are ALLhandcrafted! With different techniques but as they were once done thanks to the tradition handed down to us by our grandfather.

Grandpa was the first here in Amalfi to reintroduce this tradition again in 1973.

These books with Amalfi paper are unique because it is our production. Especially the leather ones because we cut the leather by hand! In fact, the details of the leather make these books even more unique to each other. It is impossible to find a cut of leather identical to another in another notebook.

The notebooks that are instead completely in Amalfi paper are exclusively ours. The designs above were made by us. Some drawings are combined with some reproductions, for example of an ancient map of the Amalfi coast.

We also offer you the possibility of making personalized notebooks, books and albums, always by hand, with Amalfi paper. But for these jobs we proceed to order. Contact us for more information!

Amalfi paper is excellent for writing but thanks to the softness of the paper and the absorption capacity, it is also excellent for drawing, for watercolors and much more!. As we always say, if you can imagine it you can do it.


Amalfi paper is precious and refined. In a word it is inimitable!.


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