Rezzonico set


Set consisting of a natural wooden seal, two bars of sealing wax and a spirit bottle to dissolve the sealing wax.


You can choose the color of the sealing wax!


With this set you can make a complete, simply classy gift.


“It may happen that the production time for the plate with two initials in English italics in bronze can be 10/15 days. It will be our care to inform you!”


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Rezzonico set is made up of a natural wooden seal, two sealing wax bars and a spirit bottle to dissolve the sealing wax.


Materials: White bronze/ Wood
Sealing wax: 13 cm
Seal size: Diameter 22mm
Handle size: 9.5cm
Number of seals that can be made with two bars : Approximately 30
Package size 24.5 x 12.5 x 5.5
Packaging: Gift box
Certified made in Italy


Item description

Sealing wax seal set, wooden seal, two bars of red and burgundy sealing wax, spirit bottle to dissolve the sealing wax. For a good functioning of the alcohol burner it is recommended to use 90% pure alcohol for a stable and odorless flame and it will allow you to make perfect sealing wax seals without altering the color of the sealing wax, even using white sealing wax. With the two sticks of sealing wax you can make 30 seals. The characteristics of a handmade product do not only concern the workmanship but also the choice of materials used which must be of the highest quality especially for the sealing wax. All the details, the details, the finishes are highly refined and are the result of research and balance between traditional craftsmanship and innovation.


The seal you see here is part of a line of antique style seals.

The plates with the letters are interchangeable!

The seal today is mostly used for wedding invitations, a couple usually chooses the initials of the two names.

Usually, a newly wed couple chooses the initials of the two names. First the name of the groom and then that of the bride.



Melt the wax and pour it directly onto the surface you want most; such as an envelope, a ribbon, a gift, a bottle neck or any other material you want to seal!.

In case you seal your envelope you can send it worldwide; We guarantee that the hold is TOP!.

To melt the sealing wax we also offer you two refined glass spirits, carefully crafted by hand; not only classical but also with bronze friezes !.

In contrast, there are also two spreads on the letters, one gold and one silver !. In order to finish your sealing wax mold !.


Select the letters and the color of the sealing wax you prefer to personalize your wedding invitations and more responsive to your wishes !.


You will involve oiling the seal every 3 or 4 applications, in order to keep the surface non-stick. So you avoid the possibility that the sealing wax can stick to you !.



You can contact us with an e-mail, via the CONTACT US section in the menu !.

Or even on whatsapp, at the bottom left !.

This post is also available in: Italian

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