The plate with two initials in English cursive can be combined with our handles.


The plate diameter is 22 millimeters.

Here we sells them without handles. So without the seal handle where it screws to be ready for use!
“It may happen that the production time for this plaque with two initials in bronze English italics could be 10/15 days. We will inform you by e-mail!”


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On this page you will find the two initials English cursive in bronze. It has two letters in English cursive and the diameter of the plate is 22 millimeters.

It may happen that the production time for the seal plate with two initials in English italics in bronze can be 10/15 days. We will inform you with an e-mail!

You can add it to your seal and sealing wax set too!.

In addition, the single initial in English italics in bronze is also available.


Seals have always conveyed a magical meaning. Dissolving the sealing wax and making a seal is a journey through time!.

The two initials English cursive in bronze proposed here are adaptable to our seals and are also interchangeable pieces!.

These initials in bronze, can be used to mark anything you want; such as an envelope, ribbon, gift, bottleneck or any other material you want to seal!.

In case you seal your envelope, you can send it all over the world. We guarantee that the seal, but also the material of the bronze initials, is TOP !.


To melt the sealing wax we also offer you two refined glass spirits, carefully crafted by hand; not only classical but also with bronze friezes !.

In contrast, there are also two spreads on the letters, one gold and one silver !. In order to finish your sealing wax mold!.


Select the bronze initials you prefer to personalize your wedding invitations and more responsive to your wishes!.


We recommende to oil the bronze initials every 3 or 4 applications, in order to keep the surface non-stick. So you avoid the possibility that the sealing wax can stick to you!.



You can contact us with an e-mail, via the CONTACT US section in the menu !.

Or also on whatsapp, bottom left !.

This post is also available in: Italian

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