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In this article you will find some practical tips for when you come on holiday to Amalfi on mobility and how to reach us

Amalfi is located in the province of Salerno, from which it is only a few kilometers away as the crow flies, but due to the only access road that runs along the coast, it is possible to reach us in this way through an hour’s journey!.

Getting to Amalfi by car is not the best idea, especially due to the problem of parking, which is rather limited in the city. However, if you choose this option, whether you come from Salerno or Sorrento, you will find yourself taking the state road 163. This is a panoramic road with extremely suggestive views, but it is a road carved into the mountain, therefore with sections overlooking the sea and rather narrow carriageways, which will make you jump every time you meet one of the numerous tourist buses that venture up to here at full speed.

In case you arrive by car or motorbike at the entrance to the city coming from Atrani, carved into the rock, the Luna Rossa car park has been opened, which can hold about a hundred cars. The high demand for parking spaces causes prices to soar and an hour of parking can cost up to 4 euros (2 euros in the low season).

Another car park in Amalfi is the one located in Piazza Flavio Gioia, the most central car park where buses also arrive. Here the cost is 5 euros per hour. Finally, other parking spaces are available, at a cost of 3 euros per hour, at the city port.


Parcheggio Luna Rossa Amalfi (SA) - Alcuni consigli su come raggiungerci e sulla mobilità

Luna Rossa Amalfi parking (SA)

Parcheggio di Amalfi nel porto

Amalfi parking in the port









However, there is another option, by sea, and you can embark from Sorrento or Salerno and get to the small port of Amalfi. Keep in mind that it is the fastest solution and you can enjoy the view of the coast in complete relaxation. In addition, there is the possibility of using the public bus transport service, SITA, available all day, allowing you to move between the coastal cities. Obviously it can happen that in some trips the buses are crowded with tourists and it is necessary to have a little spirit of adaptation or to be content with doing a good part of the journey on foot.

Arrive in Amalfi in Piazza Flavio Gioia, a small square overlooking the sea from which we already enjoy the view of the town, in high season the road is quite busy.

I hope these tips on how to reach us and on mobility will be of help. Especially for some of you who are reading this article.


Porta della Marina di Amalfi

Port of the Marina of Amalfi

Piazza Flavio Gioia di Amalfi - Alcuni consigli su come raggiungerci e sulla mobilità

Piazza Flavio Gioia di Amalfi










Crossing the arch of the “port of the Marina”, turning immediately to the left, you can see our TABULA store, located in Via Eleonora D’Aragona, 1. Our little treasure chest. In a few steps, finally, we find ourselves inside the historic center, with the main square, Piazza del Duomo with its beautiful staircase that leads up to the facade of the cathedral, which dominates from above and leaves anyone who sees it speechless.


Amalfi Piazza Duomo - Italia

Amalfi Cathedral Square


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