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How did the knowledge of the Amalfi paper spread?

“In the summer of 1974 the Amalfi Tourist Board, chaired by Plinio Amendola, held the” Amalfi by night “event for the first time, enjoying great success.

The president then sensed the curiosity of especially foreign people to venture into the alleys of Amalfi. A path was set up in the small streets covered with acute and cross vaults, illuminated with colored lights and natural decorations such as tomatoes, garlic, melons, lemons and prickly pears. Music concerts were listened to and historical figures dressed in the costumes of the procession of the Amalfi Republic met.

In some open spaces there were artisans and artists who performed in the phases of ceramic, painting, iron, wood processing, in photographic exhibitions and stalls with typical food products.
In the entrance hall of the Convitto F. Gioia there was the handmade paper processing of Amalfi, which aroused particular interest and curiosity, especially by foreign tourists.

For the realization of the sheet there was the paper maker Bonaventura Ippolito, while my grandfather was involved in the display of handicrafts and ancient prints from Amalfi and Costiera.
We can say that since those years the knowledge of Amalfi’s handmade paper has spread enormously and that there has been an economic recovery of an artisan product perhaps known only to a few.

Today the Amalfi paper is used for important occasions by princes and dukes such as the announcement of their weddings and parties. The Vatican State itself uses the Amalfi paper for its correspondence produced with personalized watermarks of the papal coat of arms. ”


Attention this text is covered by copyright and is taken from the book:

“History and origin of handmade Amalfi paper” – written by Gabriele Nunziato


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