Loose Amalfi paper sheets

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Wonderful works have always been born from loose Amalfi paper sheets.

We, for example, use these sheets to make our handcrafted books with Amalfi paper.


The loose sheets of Amalfi paper have been for centuries the seed of the greatest and most wonderful works with this refined and precious paper. You can make both watercolors, drawings, oils, tableau de mariage, books and basically everything that your imagination offers you.


Amalfi paper is the only left up to today to make any type of work magnificent.

It is no coincidence that it was born in Amalfi, one of the scenic wonders of the world. It is special of its kind because it is still made by hand in 100% cotton, also to contribute to the reduction of global deforestation.


With these sheets of Amalfi paper we make artisanal products using techniques that have been transmitted to us by our fathers, techniques based uniquely to rework this delicate paper. For this reason, if you need to contact us! We will help you find the right solution for any idea you want to realize.



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