Writing set with classic vintage pens

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Writing sets with classic vintage pens are a line of pens, which we offer, combined with the union of wood with bronze or brass. Uniquely in bronze, an exclusive decorated calligraphy pen was created, designed to be ingeniously used also as a letter opener.

These writing sets with classic vintage pens are accompanied by calligraphy nibs, wooden pen holder and antique inkwell, like all the creations on this site, they are unique and ITALIAN pieces.
Together with our writing sets with vintage pens, you will find antique and authentic calligraphy nibs, with inkwell and nib, with which you can devote yourself heartily to the art of ancient calligraphy.
Precious elegant pens, excellent gift ideas for men or women.

All this can be combined with our very famous fine handmade paper, made of pure cotton entirely by hand according to ancient craft techniques that allow it to preserve the characteristics and originality that have made it famous in the world. This shop was born as a real “arsenal” of unique, precious, refined objects that can be completely combined with each other in any way you prefer.