Seals for sealing wax

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These seals are produced in Italy, in Venice.

Great for personalizing Christmas invitations, gift packs or wedding invitations.

The sealing wax seals you see here are part of a line of antique style seals. From the wooden seal to the Murano glass seal! The plates with the letters are interchangeable!

The seal with the wax today is mainly used for wedding invitations, a couple usually chooses the initials of the two names. The letters are in English italics.


Melt the wax and pour it directly on the surface you want most; such as an envelope, ribbon, gift, bottleneck or any other material you want to seal !.

In case you seal your envelope you can send it all over the world; We guarantee that the seal is TOP !.

To melt the sealing wax we also offer you two refined glass spirits, carefully crafted by hand; not only classical but also with bronze friezes !.

In contrast, there are also two spreads on the letters, one gold and one silver !. In order to finish your sealing wax mold !.

Select the seal you prefer to personalize your wedding invitations and more responsive to your wishes !.

We advise you to oil the seal every 3 or 4 applications, in order to keep the surface non-stick. So you avoid the possibility that the sealing wax can stick to you !.


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